AFF Competition Winner - Sneak Peek

I can now announce the winner of the AFF competition launched in issue #6. First place, as judged by AFF writer Graham Bottley is The Curse of Meraki by Stuart Lloyd. Here's a sneak peek at what the adventure entails:
It’s been a week since you have left the cesspit of Port Blacksand and pickings are slim. After a month of traipsing across the Pagan Plains to guard a caravan of merchants on their journey to the deadly port, you want some adventure. However, you a bit too much adventure in Blacksand after one of you spilt a flagon of ale all over one of the city’s master assassins. Two minutes later, you were sprinting through the streets with a dozen highly trained killers close behind you. You got to the south gate, only to be stopped by the troll guards demanding a fishday tax. Too desperate to argue, you hand over most your money to avoid the sharp blades of the Assassins’ Guild. You have just arrived to the small fishing village of Meraki, eager for a hot meal and a comfortable bed. However, you can see that something is wrong. The villagers look sad and downtrodden. No one looks you in the eye as you walk through the streets to the market square. You get to an inn and ask the keeper for some food and drink. He serves it without a word. While you are eating your dinner, an old but well kempt and muscular man approaches you. ‘Good evening. My name is Grask. I am the headman of this village and we need your help. I will offer you a free bed for the next few nights and some gold if you can solve our woes. I fear that there is a curse upon our little village and now an innocent woman’s life hangs in the balance...
Graham plans to host other entries on the official AFF website given the quality of the competition entries (as long as the entrants agree to this). So even though they won't appear in the magazine, they will hopefully be available to play in addition to the winner's tale. Congratulations to all who entered, may your STAMINA never fail!

Competition - The Reminder!

A reminder folks that the deadline for the AFF competition draws closer.

Rules are here:

Deadline is June 10th.

Get your entries in!

The Return of Advanced Fighting Fantasy

The new version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy is now available for purchase:

along with reprints of Out of the Pit and Titan:

Author Graham Bottley was interviewed in issue #5 and issue #6 features a competition to win copies of the above three titles.

Some recent posts about the return of AFF:

Reviews of all three books will appear in issue #7 of the magazine later in the year.
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Competition - The Rules

Reproducing here the rules for the competition featured in issue #6:

With the new version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy almost upon us, we’ve teamed up with Arion Games and Cubicle 7 Entertainment to give you a chance to win copies of the forthcoming AFF books: Advanced Fighting Fantasy, Out of the Pit and Titan.
To be in to win them, YOUR mission is to pen an original, entertaining, and imaginative short multi-player adventure using the original AFF rules as outlined in Dungeoneer, Blacksand! and Allansia.
Author of the new AFF series Graham Bottley will be judging the entries and picking the winner, who will not only be given copies of the new books, but have their adventure published in a future issue of this magazine for all to play and enjoy.
Criteria for entry:
  • Your adventure must feature no more than two locations
  • Your adventure must feature no more than five major NPCs (Non-Player Characters) 
  • Your adventure must be set somewhere on the world of Titan
  • Any maps needed for the adventure are to be supplied by yourself 
  • Please keep the length of the adventure to about 10, 000 words

Deadline for entries: June 10th, 2011
Please email your entries along with your postal contact details (using the subject line “AFF Competition Entry”) to:
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Competition - Sneak Peek

Coming in issue #6 is a competition based around the Advanced Fighting Fantasy (AFF) role-playing system (which gets relaunched next month from Arion Games and Cubicle 7 Entertainment). You will be asked to design an AFF mini adventure (exact requirements for the competition are listed in the forthcoming issue) that will be printed in a later issue of the magazine. Plus, there are some further goodies up for grabs for the winner!

So, get your thinking caps on and fire up your imaginations!
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