Issue #9 - Published!

Issue #9 is now available for download from the site:
104 pages of Fighting Fantasy goodness. Feedback appreciated. (Printing password: fanta).

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Gamebooks in Germany - Sneak Peek

Here's a quick glimpse at an article from the forthcoming issue #9:
With the release of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, the genre experienced its heyday in Germany. Following the commercial success of the series, a multitude of other books and series were published. Not all of them achieved the same level of awareness and popularity as Fighting Fantasy but there were some which garnered a very loyal fan base that has survived until today.
This is by Nicolai Bonczyk (with translation by Alexander Kühnert).


Where the Wild Things Are... - Sneak Peek

Issue #9 features an interview with artist Ian Miller who has a new webshop open:

Did you always want to be a professional artist, or did you have other childhood ambitions?
I wanted to be a crow, but somebody said I’d have to die first and, try for that the next time around. I tried running away from the moon about the same time, with some other children who lived close by. It was raining hard, and we ran in ever widening circles without any luck. It was always up above us, shining down, no matter how fast we ran.

Issue #9 is due out at the end of May!

Return to the Icefinger Mountains - Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek from the art and text of the mini adventure for issue #9.

Even worse is what you see on the floor in front of him. A final message, written by repeatedly dipping the tip of his right foot in the blood that has puddled on the floor beneath him. Though smudged and smeared, the letters are still clear enough to make out, spelling out the dread warning, ‘SHE WILL RETURN’...
This is Return to the Icefinger Mountains by Ed Jolley and illustrated by Brett Schofield:
Thirty years ago the Snow Witch was preparing to unleash an ice age upon Titan when her plans were thwarted by a wandering adventurer. YOU were one of the slaves freed in the wake of her defeat, and have lived a quiet life since then. But when the horrors of your past start to catch up with you again, you must go back to the caves from which you escaped. Can the Snow Witch really be returning? And if so, do you have what it takes to stop her?

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Coming Soon - Issue 9 Cover

Here's the cover for the next issue, done by the talented Brett Schofield. Brett is also doing the interior artwork for the mini adventure this issue, Ed Jolley's Return to the Icefinger Mountains. As you can see from the cover there are other items of interest within the pages of the issue, but I'll cover the contents properly in a later post.