I've had a query about deadlines, which ties in nicely with an email I sent out to previous/current contributors at the end of last week. Basically what I was trying to communicate was, if you have something to submit (or an idea you want to thrash out as a possible submission), then getting it in to me sooner rather than later is better. The reason for this is that I am trying to block out (assign space in other words) future issues and if you want something to appear in one of those issues now is the time to send it on in!

The magazine does have deadlines. Here is a few now:

Issue #7 - June 24th, 2011 for publication in July
Issue #8 - August 26th, 2011 for publication in October
Issue #9 - November 25th, 2011 for publication in January 2012

These don't mean you should have your first draft in to me by then. Ideally those dates represent when final drafts should be reaching my mailbox.

Enough said, I think. If on the other hand you think I've forgotten to address something to do with deadlines and/or submissions to the mag, write a comment below!